James Kopcienski
These are projects that I completed for a 12-week course on front-end web development at thinkful.com.
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Kiva Loan Map
Shows a list of recent micro-finance loans transacted on kiva.org and displays each one on a map when it is selected. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Uses AJAX calls to the kiva.org API and Google Maps API.
Quiz App
A multiple choice quiz with questions taken from W3Schools.com. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, making use of JavaScript arrays and objects.
Shopping List App
Shopping list app with the ability to add, delete and reorder items. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and jQuery UI.
"Hot or Cold" Guessing Game
A "Hot or Cold" guessing game. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
37signals Page Reproduction
A reproduction of the top portion of the 37signals main web page, to learn positioning and hover-effect techniques. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
Google Search Page Reproduction
A reproduction of the Google Search web page, to learn positioning and styling techniques. Built with HTML and CSS.
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Hello, I'm James and I live in the Boston/Cambridge area. I am an avid web aficionado and aspiring front-end web developer, and I'm currently looking for employment in the field.

I recently completed a 12-week front-end web development course at thinkful.com. The course is project-based with one-on-one online mentoring and teaches the fundamental techniques needed to design and build websites. The projects that I completed during the course can be seen in the Projects tab.

Prior to a long sojourn away from the tech industry I had some extensive programming experience. I developed software for distributed control systems at The Foxboro Company. These systems were used to automate processes in various applications including natural gas refineries, pharmaceuticals and paper mills. My work for other companies included developing and maintaining database applications and user interfaces for employee and inventory tracking using the built-in programming development environment in FoxBase and dBase.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree with a major in Engineering Physics from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Outside of the tech world, I am a devoted practitioner of zen meditation and lived as a Buddhist monk for 15 years (hence the long sojourn mentioned above). This is a lifestyle that calls for wholehearted dedication and discipline, qualities that I like to apply to all my endeavors in life, including web development. After leaving the monastic lifestyle I felt a yearning to reconnect with my technical interests. Web development is interesting to me because it fuses analytical, left-brained thinking with creative, right-brained thinking. Also, working in the browser allows you to see results immediately and my work is available for everyone to see and (hopefully) enjoy.